​​Learn from expert clinicians:  

  • Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN: Licensed psychotherapist, and mental health nutritionist specializing in the use of amino acids and other nutrients to promote healthy brain function leading to optimum mood and behavior. Founder of Academy of Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition, co-founder of Alliance for Addiction Solutions, and in private practice for over 30 years.

  • Pati Reiss, BA, HHC, CNRC:  Recovery health coach and innovative holistic chef, specializing in customizing the Pro Recovery 5 Star diet for individual biotypes. Owner of High Vibe Recovery, and President of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions.

  • Debra Filla, BA, MBA, CNRC, is Builder, and Owner of Inside Out, a business focused on “helping build health from the inside out” since 1998. Debra is a Certified Recovery & Nutrition Coach through the Academy (CRNC) and is past VP of the KC Celiac Sprue Association.


Overview:  An intensive weekend version of our on-line Core Training, this 2 ½ day workshop will introduce students to the use of amino acids and the Pro-Recovery 5 Star Diet in addressing symptoms of neurotransmitter depletion such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, violent behavior, addiction, cravings and relapse. The use of vitamin and mineral co-factors, the role of a healthy gut, and blood sugar regulation to restore healthy brain function, will also be covered.


Day 1 - Describe the four neurotransmitter systems, their drugs of abuse and natural detox strategies using targeted amino acid therapy. 6 CEUs.

Day 2 - Describe the key elements of the Pro-Recovery 5 Start Diet, identify the co-factors required by the brain to make and effectively fire neurotransmitters. 6 CEUs. 

Day 3 - Describe the role a healthy gut plays in mood and behavioral health, and describe the process of integrating these concepts into your program. 3 CEUs.
AAS Member Registration Fee: $349

Full Registration Fee: $449

"Bring a Friend"  $349  (Save $100 each for two people! Call 303-888-9617)

All fees include Certificate of Attendance and Pro-Recovery 5 Star lunch and snacks. 
15 Continuing Education* Credit hours - $75 


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​*Continuing Education: B.E. Education Group, LLC is approved as a provider of continuing nursing education by the Kansas State Board of Nursing, Provider Number LT0258-0310.  This course offering is approved for 15 contact hours applicable for RN’s, APRN’s, LPN’s, and LMHT re-licensure.  B.E. Education Group, LLC is a pre-approved provider for social workers through the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (BSRB) Provider Number 14-002. This workshop meets BSRB criteria for diagnosis and treatment. 

Hotel Information

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SLC Marriott City Center - less than 3 blocks                  $161

Sheraton SCL -  less than 4 blocks                                    $169

Hilton SLC Center -  less than 4 blocks                             $185

Little America Hotel -  less than 4 blocks                          $119

Double Tree Suites by Hilton -  about 4 blocks                 $125

Hampton Downtown  - 4+ blocks                                        $105

Hilton Garden Center -  5+ blocks                                      $109


Earn 15 Continuing Education Credits
$AVE - Become an AAS member, or ‘Bring a Friend’

Join us in Florida in May to learn about the critical role that the Pro-Recovery 5 Star diet, nutrient support, amino acid therapy, and a healthy gut play in reducing cravings, relapse and Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms. This cutting-edge information may transform your practice and save lives!


THURSDAY, Nov. 2    A Complementary Event Open to the Public

6:30-7:00     Meet the Presenters and Networking

7:00-8:30     Success Stories & Intro to Nutrient Support of the Addicted                             Brain

FRIDAY, Nov. 3

8-8:30 AM    Registration

8:30-9:00     Welcome and Introduction to the
Alliance for Addiction                                Solutions and the Academy for Addiction and Mental                                Health Nutrition

9:00-10:30   Overview of Amino Acid Treatment, Precautions and                                       Neurotransmitter Assessment.  Presented by Christina                                   Veselak, LMFT, CN

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-12:15 The Catecholamines, Stimulant Addiction and L-Tyrosine; L-                          Tyrosine trial.    Presented by Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN

12:15-1:45   Lunch – Will Be Provided

1:45-3:15     The Endorphin System, Opiate Addiction and Detox, D-                                   Phenylalanine. DLPA Trial. Presented by Pati Reiss, BA, HHC,                        CRNC, Nicole Zeiner, BS

3:15-3:30     Break

3:30-5:00     The Serotonin System, 5HTP and Tryptophan, and SSRI                                 Withdrawal; 5HTP Trial.  Presented by Christina Veselak,                               LMFT, CN

5:00-5:15     Quick Movement Break with Pati Reiss, BA, HHC, Certified                            Recovery Nutrition Coach (CRNC)

5:15-5:45     Client Interview Demonstration: Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN



8:15-8:30     Registration and Qi Gong Movement and Meditation with Pati                        Reiss, BA, HHC, CRNC

8:30-10:00   The GABA System, GABA & Related Amino Acids, and                                  Benzodiazapine Withdrawal, GABA Trial.  Presented by                                  Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN 

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:15 Crucial Nutrients for Addiction Recovery                                                          Presented by Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN 

11:20-12:20 Hypoglycemia and Relapse                                                                               Presented by Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN & Lyle Fried,                                Owner  of The Shores Treatment Center

12:20-2:00   Lunch – On Your Own

2:00-5:00     Pro-Recovery Diet ~ includes dyadic sharing and an exercise                        to create personal meal plans.  Presented by Pati Reiss, BA,                          HHC, CRNC

5:00-6:O0      Dyadic Practice Assessments

COMMUNITY DINNER – On Your Own or with us at the Himalayan Kitchen                                            restaurant.

SUNDAY, Nov. 5

9:00-10:15    The Gut: Our Second Brain                                                                              Presented by Debra Filla , BA, MBA, Certified Recovery                                 Nutrition Coach

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:30 The Three Tier Approach to Integrating This Knowledge into                          Your Practice     Presented by Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN

11:30-12:30 Closing​

An integrated

biochemical approach

to restoring healthy

brain function!


ReVitalizing the Addicted Brain

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Presented by :  The Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition

In collaboration with:The Alliance for Addiction Solutions