Learn the Missing Link in Addiction Treatment!

Academy for Addiction 

And Mental Health Nutrition

Our Instructors:

Christina Veselak, LMFT, CN

 Academy for Addiction & Mental Health Nutrition

Pati Reiss, BA,  High Vibe Recovery

Learn how amino acids, diet, and critical nutritional co-factors, play key roles in reducing depression, anxiety, violence, insomnia, cravings and relapse!

November 3,4,5, 2017


         New Level 1 & Level 2 training starting January, 2018

Addiction is driven by the BRAIN. Addressing the biochemical aspects of addiction using amino acids, and diet transforms recovery and reduces relapse!

Level One Training beginning Wednesday, January 31st, 2018, is now being offered at 2 different times: 9-11 AM and 6:15-8:15 mountain time.

​        NEW:  Feed the Brain, First!             Treatment Program Consultation Services

"​I have been studying nutrition, alternative medicine and healing for over 20 years and I consider Christina Veselak one of my greatest teachers." -  ​​Marcie Goldman

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Join us in SALT LAKE CITY  for an exciting community training event:  

Re-Vitalizing the Addicted Brain!